Smart sensing for a smarter world.


Sensors, by their very nature, detect, diagnose, monitor and respond to the world around them allowing pre-emptive and predictive responses in a vast range of settings.

Sensors are already part of our daily lives, found in even the most basic technology in our homes, offices and cars. It is the next-generation of sensors, known as smart sensors, where the exciting discoveries lie and which will shape our future economy and society.

Sensors that are wireless, distributed and networked will power the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Smart Cities. They will drive the automation, AI and robotics that will revolutionise the way we grow food, generate energy and make things. Put simply, smart sensing will change the way we communicate, work, move and live.  


The NSW Smart Sensing Network (NSSN) was established in July 2016 with funding from the NSW State Government through the Office of the Chief Scientist & Engineer. It was founded on the premise that the economy and people of New South Wales face key challenges in energy, resources, manufacturing, the environment, transport, agriculture, space and health that cutting-edge research in smart sensing could play a critical role in solving.

The market for smart sensing across a broad range of industries is immense and growing. The NSSN brings together the world class research taking place in NSW universities with state government agencies and industry to develop innovative solutions to these key challenges and, at the same time, position NSW as a leader in sensing technology.

Our Vision

We will transform the New South Wales smart sensing ecosystem and advance the prosperity of the state through the solutions and opportunities that we create.

Our Mission

We bring together expertise in academia, industry and government to position New South Wales as a recognised global leader in smart sensing innovation.  


Our Values

  • We are solutions-oriented – we seek out and solve challenging problems that are faced by our clients.

  • We are innovative – we translate outstanding research strengths into opportunities, products and services that add value to our clients.

  • We are trusted – we are the go-to source for quality solutions. People rely on us as suppliers of knowledge. We offer value for money and the best solution for our clients.

  • We are collaborative – we offer a single point of entry to expertise across multiple institutions and multiple disciplines, from our core in science and engineering to diverse disciplines that can contribute to successful solutions.

Our Objectives

Our objectives enable us to realise our vision and achieve our mission.

  1. Create value for industry and government.

  2. Be a global thought leader in smart sensing and its deployment.

  3. Strengthen our network.

  4. Generate prosperity for New South Wales.


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