We bring together smart sensing expertise from across the leading universities in New South Wales to develop innovative, interdisciplinary solutions to complex challenges.


The Australian National University

ANU is a world-leading university in Australia’s capital, Canberra. Excellence is embedded in our approach to research and education, and we are a resource for the nation delivering research, training and policy on the most complex contemporary challenges facing Australia, the region and the world. ANU has broad research capabilities in smart sensing across multiple application domains, including biomedical research, space sciences, defence, environment and engineering.


Macquarie University

While only 50 years young, Macquarie has risen to become a progressive and influential institution both in NSW and nationally. Ranked among the top 2% of universities, Macquarie is considered one of the world's leading universities and has a strong commitment to quality research that makes an impact on society. Innovative Technologies is one of Macquarie's five research priorities and it brings audacious solutions and a successful history of industry collaboration to the NSSN.


The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle is ranked in the top 10 universities in Australia for research excellence and is the innovation powerhouse of NSW's Hunter region. UoN is committed to working collaboratively with industry, government and the community to generate new knowledge and translate innovative ideas into real benefits to society. UoN has a reputation for challenging standard practice and received wisdom, particularly in the fields of engineering, energy and resources, and health and medicine.



UNSW is proudly Australia's 'global university' and consistently ranks in the forward pack of world universities. With a firm commitment to research and innovation that transforms the lives of people and communities, UNSW boasts excellence across a broad range of relevant research fields including biomedical, environmental and material sciences as well as ICT. The research infrastructure at UNSW is unparalleled in NSW and includes 11 network labs and the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre.


The University of Sydney

As Australia's first university, the University of Sydney has been challenging traditions for over 160 years. Consistently ranked as the leading university in NSW by the world's most trusted university rankings, the University of Sydney invests heavily in innovative research across its more than 90 research centres. The University is also home to the the Sydney Nano Hub - a unique facility devising and fabricating new nanoscale science and technology at the cutting-edge of sensing research.


University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Located in the heart of Sydney, UTS research lies at the intersection of discovery and industry. UTS is committed to practical innovation and the development of impact-driven research that benefits industry and the community. Ranked as Australia's leading young university (under 50), UTS research is agile and responsive to industry need across a range of sensing-related fields including engineering, robotics, data science, ICT, physics and chemistry. 


Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University prides itself on challenging the traditional notion of what a university should be. It puts students at the heart of everything it does and is deeply embedded in the community and region it serves, which is Australia’s fastest growing economy and the focus of the nation’s largest infrastructure projects. WSU has a network of sites across Greater Western Sydney and beyond – including 10 teaching campuses, many embedded in CBD locations.


University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong is a young and vibrant university with undiminished ambitions. It invests heavily in its research capacity to work on complex interdisciplinary problems. UoW focusses on partnerships and collaborations to deliver real-world impact and is committed to innovation by giving great ideas a genuine business incubator pathway. Through its network of international campuses, UoW is delivering discovery to the city of Wollongong, the Illawarra region, the state of NSW and the world.