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Working with the NSW Smart Sensing Network simplifies the process of engaging with universities by creating a single point-of-contact for the leading research universities in NSW.   


Collaboration is at our core.

We work with industry and government partners to gain an in-depth understanding of their challenges, then draw upon the research strengths of the leading research universities in NSW to develop tailored solutions. 

We know that working with universities can be uncharted territory for some organisations. We make it easy by partnering with you through the process and serving as a bridge between the university sector and your business.  



We solve complex challenges. 

We serve as a single point-of-entry to nine research powerhouses to solve complex challenges that no single university working alone can address. 

We provide access to world-class research infrastructure and the brightest minds to devise multidisciplinary solutions that cut across physics, chemistry, biomedical science, engineering, ICT and nanotechnology. Solutions that require both fundamental and applied approaches to research. 

Of course, if your challenge is smaller, we can help with that too.


We understand every company is different.

We work across industry and government to provide tailored smart sensing solutions. 

We take the time to understand your distinct smart sensing needs, then connect you with the right research team. Along the way, we take the hard work out of contract administration, project costing, IP and commercialisation negotiations.  

We can also work with you to unlock state and federal grants that support industry-university collaboration. 


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