Jo White

Jo White joined NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service from Parks Victoria in 1994 and worked extensively on the Regional Forestry Assessments helping to create over a million hectares of new national parks.

In 1999, Jo was appointed to the position of Manager Landscape Conservation Division leading a team of professionals to promote landscape conservation on and off parks, and led a series of Government priorities in NPWS. She joined Science Division in 2011 and has successfully led the Knowledge Strategy program across Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) ensuring the science delivered aligns with Government priorities.

In 2013, Jo took on her most recent role of Director Science Strategy and has led a strategic approach to acquiring and delivering knowledge, including ensuring scientific rigour. She also led cross cutting science for OEH including state-wide environmental monitoring, evaluation and reporting, citizen science, social research and research partnerships. In collaboration with CSIRO she has recently established a new biodiversity indicator program to report on status and trends and management effectiveness under the Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Jo has recently taken up a six month appointment as Director of Research and Conservation at the Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands. She holds a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Biology and a Post Graduate Diploma of Business.


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