NSSN Strategic Plan 2019-21

After an extensive consultation process, the NSW Smart Sensing Network has released its Strategic Plan 2019-21. The plan will guide the growth and development of the network over the coming three years and incorporates feedback from the Board, Members’ Committee and staff.

Emanating from the network’s successful establishment phase, the Strategic Plan sets the framework for an ambitious growth phase and re-sets the NSSN’s Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives and Strategies. The plan is based around four core objectives:

  1. Create value for industry and government

  2. Be a global thought leader in smart sensing and its deployment

  3. Strengthen our network

  4. Generate prosperity for NSW

The plan also lays out 13 strategies for meeting the network’s objectives.

The Strategic Plan translates into the NSSN Business Plan, which is a series of actions with measurable targets that will inform the operations of the network over the coming years.

Read the NSSN Strategic Plan summary document.

Inka-Maria Bane