NSSN presents to the NSW Clean Air Summit

The NSW government held the Clean Air for NSW summit on the 27th of June – to open wide-ranging discussion demonstrating the important role air quality plays in the environment, society, our health and lifestyles. The Environmental Protection Agency released the Clean Air for NSW Consultation Paper, outlining a set of proposed actions to improving air quality in NSW, and welcomed input from the community.
Prof. Benjamin Eggleton was invited and spoke at the summit to introduce the NSSN and how photonic technologies may potentially be the key to solving some of the issues faced by the community. In particular, he spoke about low-cost particulate sensors and their usage to measurethespatio-temporal map of areas such as the rail-corridor. Other speakers commented on the health impacts of poor air quality, effects of wood smoke, vehicle emissions and the Coal Chain industry. The summit sparked interesting conversations and fostered great collaborations. The NSSN looks forward to addressing the challenges set out by the meeting.

Inka-Maria Bane