Smart sensing to improve fire safety in buildings

NSW fire safety company, E-Visuals, is set to revolutionise how first responders evacuate buildings in an emergency. The new project, dubbed Incident, will fuse data from in-building sensors, known local hazards and publicly available information to create a single, easy to use building emergency management platform.

In describing the inspiration for the project, E-Visuals Managing Director, Matt Lynch, says that it is important to “look after your workforce and your facility, and provide emergency responders with the correct information when they need it.”

Providing the correct information, when it’s needed, will position Incident in the fast-growing proptech industry, where the Australian Financial Review reports that capital investments are expected to exceed US$20 billion by 2020.   

Incident is being developed in partnership with the University of Wollongong’s SMART Infrastructure Facility, including its director, Senior Professor Pascal Perez, and Dr. Johan Barthelemy. The SMART facility has proven to be an excellent testbed for the project, with its embedded sensors and innovative researchers.

The project is supported by a NSW Department of Industry TechVoucher and the NSW Smart Sensing Network. It will be developed in the Nandin Deep Technology Incubator, ANSTO's new innovation precinct

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Inka-Maria Bane