Frontiers in Sensing Forum 2019


What is the future of smart sensing and what impact will it have on industry and society?

We hear a lot about advancements in smart sensing and the innovation it is driving in areas like smart cities, agtech, transport, advanced manufacturing and space but what does the future of smart sensing really look like?

On Wednesday 15 May, the NSSN will host its inaugural Frontiers in Sensing Forum at NSW Parliament House in Macquarie St. The event will feature a keynote address by quantum physicist and one of the world’s leading authorities on smart sensing, Professor Kai Bongs, Director of the UK’s Quantum Technology Hub for Sensors & Metrology.

The address will be followed by a panel discussion featuring industry and government innovators in smart sensing. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Liz Dibbs, Western Sydney District Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission

  • Prof Hugh Durrant-Whyte, NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer

  • Paul Plowman, General Manager of Liveable City Solutions, Sydney Water

  • Dr Paul Scully-Power, NSW Government Space Industry Ambassador and Co-Founder, The Ripper Group

Registration has now closed.

Nicholas Haskins