Dr Zhitao Xiong

Research Theme Leader

Zhitao Xiong is the Research Theme Leader for the Sensing Data and Built Environment  at the NSSN with a focus on maintaining a community of scholars working at the smart sensing and data across the NSSN member universities and performing corresponding R&D and management in delivering sensing data insights and applications to end-users.

With a PhD in Transport Studies from the University of Leeds, UK and both B.E. and M.E. in Control Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhitao has a deep understanding on sensing data and its utilisation through knowledge representation and reasoning as well as behavioural analysis based on human-in-the-loop data collected by driving simulators, autonomous vehicles and mobile devices.

This makes him not only a data consumer that carries out insightful data analysis, but also a data producer that collects structured big data from the very beginning. His expertise can help you identify problems and find you the right partners in industry, government and/or academia for solutions.

Based on his project management experience involving academia and industry as well as more than 10 years’ R&D in driving simulation, autonomous vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems, Zhitao is ambitious in promoting cutting-edge technologies, carrying out life-changing data analysis and delivering novel Smart City solutions.

Zhitao leads NSSN's sensing data & Built Environment research theme.


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