Dr Zhitao Xiong

Research Theme Leader

Dr Zhitao Xiong joined NSSN in January as Research Theme Leader (Data).

Dr Xiong will also lead the network's research theme in the Built Environment, with a focus on advancing smart sensing innovation in smart cities and transportation.

With a PhD in Transport Studies from the University of Leeds, UK and both B.E. and M.E. in Control Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhitao has a deep understanding on sensing data and its utilisation through knowledge representation and reasoning as well as behavioural analysis based on human-in-the-loop data collected by driving simulators, autonomous vehicles and mobile devices.

This makes him not only a data consumer that carries out insightful data analysis but also a data producer that collects structured big data from the very beginning. His expertise can help you identify problems and find you the right partners in industry, government and/or academia for solutions.

Based on his project management experience involving academia and industry as well as more than 10 years’ R&D in driving simulation, autonomous vehicles and Intelligent Transport Systems, Zhitao is ambitious in promoting cutting-edge technologies, carrying out life-changing data analysis and delivering novel Smart City solutions.

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