NSSN attended the Business Innovation Spotlight showcase

The NSW Smart Sensing Network’s Research Theme Leader, Dr Ram Vaidyanathan, attended the Business Innovation Spotlight event on 25 July 2019. The event provided a chance for Small-to-Medium-scale Enterprises (SMEs) to discuss collaboration opportunities with university researchers for developing innovative technology and new business models.

The Business Innovation Spotlight showcased the successes and learnings from SME partnership with NSW universities. For three years, Government and research organisations have been partnering through the Boosting Business Innovation Program (BBIP) to create new ways for SMEs to engage with research and innovation.

NSSN draws upon a broad pool of scientific expertise with application across a range of industries and sectors. The network’s focus areas include built environment, environment and agriculture technology, manufacturing, medical technology, resources and energy and, space and aviation. With over 50 collaborative research and industrial training centres spread across the NSSN, access to cutting edge equipment is readily available.

The NSW Government’s $18 million Boosting Business Innovation Program, in partnership with 11 universities and the CSIRO in NSW, is delivering hard and soft infrastructure to help small businesses tap into the state’s world-leading research organisations. 

NSSN focus areas are aligned to the needs of industry, government and end-users. However, the network is open to considering any collaborative project that might fall outside our defined focus areas.

Shahrzad Abbasi