NSSN Seminar Series for Sensing Data – A Stage for Engagement

The NSSN Seminar Series for Sensing Data – A Stage for Engagement, was carried out by NSSN Research Theme Leader Dr Zhitao Xiong at Macquarie University on 2 September 2019.

"Smart sensing and its resulting sensory data are the essential driving force of the era. By utilising the massive smart sensory data for decision making, one can form full observation of a place, an entity or an activity to significantly increase the accuracy level," said Dr Xiong.

Aimed at NSSN member university researchers, this ongoing data seminar series creates a forum to share ideas and gain a deeper understanding of data-driven decision making. This event enables academics to share their research interests with NSSN and explore various partnership and funding opportunities.

"The data collected by smart sensors can bring in more insights to assist with the integrated multi-modal transport system, smart healthcare, and therefore form the basis of smart cities, internet of things and beyond," said Dr Xiong.

Processing the high volume of data collected by smart sensors is a challenging task that calls for innovative approaches to big data analysis. "Ever since its early days in automation, multi-agent collaboration and robotics, the challenges of smart sensors remains the fusion for better sensory data integrity, especially now that it also includes multi-dimensional business transactions and user activity data," Dr Xiong said.

"The data seminar at Macquarie University was well received. A mixture of academics with different backgrounds such as data science, computing and structure engineering attended the seminar. We discussed opportunities in the built environment, data analytics, as well as transport," said Dr Xiong.

By creating a dialogue with data experts at each of the member universities, NSSN aims to learn about the researchers' interests and needs to enhance the Network's sensing data capability maps and boost industry-aligned project discussions.

The next NSSN Seminar Series for Sensing Data – A Stage for Engagement will be held at the Australian National University on 25 September and the University of Canberra on 26 September. The seminar has been delivered at the University of Wollongong, University of Newcastle, the Univesity of New South Wales, the University of Sydney, the University of Technology Sydney and Macquarie University.

Shahrzad Abbasi